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What is Google Shopping?

Now, You can find shopping within Google Ads, here you can create product listing ads featuring related details, product prices, images and the store name.You need two things to start Google Shopping campaign; AdWords account and Google Marchant Canter. It is very easy to set up AdWords account particularly if you already have a Google sign-in. AdWords is where your shopping campaigns live and where you set-up your budget, gain insight, manage your bids, and make optimizations according to performance. Google Merchant Centre account is also easy to set up. It is where your product feed lives. Here, you will upload the store and product data to make it available to Google shopping.

Google Shopping

How to list your product in Google Shopping Search results?

The setup of Google Shopping ads is a bit different from traditional text ads. With Google Shopping, Google decides when product listing ads turn up. They consider your product, website, and bids to conclude what search queries activate your ads. Thus, setting up shopping ads is very similar to SEO.

You will have to upload a data feed inform a file including the list of your products. You can enter your data in either text or XML format. All your products should be assigned particular attributes, which have a standard answer or value to describe it precisely. These features include information such as price, availability, product identifiers, and information according to colour and size. If you don’t provide relevant features with your product, it may lead them not showing up in the search results.

How to get success in Google Shopping

You have to consider three main parts to get success in Google Shopping Center;

  • Feed mastery is essential in feed creation and optimization. It needs a lot of ground comprising the product data, price, and images.
  • There are a lot of ways to bid actually on your product. Biding is a complex area as changes in bidding strategies can increase the return on ad spends for several campaigns.

Monitoring and optimization are one of the great attractions with the Google Shopping roll out as it can observe grainy performance data and make coarse optimizations. Through optimization can take a good campaign and make it fantastic.