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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPCA is an abbreviation of pay per click advertising, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers have to pay a fee each time someone clicks on one of their ads. Basically, it is a method of buying visits for your website, instead of trying to get those visitors originally. It is a best way of getting visitors when you require traffic and you need it now. However, with poor setup of management, you can spend an amount, get many visits, but end up with nothing to show for it.

Search Engine Advertising?

One of the most famous kinds of PPC is search engine advertising. It permits advertisers to bid for ad placement when somebody searched on a keyword that is associated to their business contribution. Each time the ad is clicked by someone, you have to pay a small fee to search engine. When pay-per-click is working effectively, the fee is insignificant, as the visit is worth more than what you pay for that. For example, if you are paying $2 for a click, but making $200 from that click, it would still be very beneficial.

How should you use Pay Per Click service?

To become familiar with PPC, Google has offered a lot of training and certifications. As PPC is accessible through many platforms, Google seems to have the most widespread training program currently accessible. Thus, Google AsWords is a valuable place to start.

You will require 4 things to create a campaign;

  • Budget
  • Ad copy
  • Billing information
  • Keywords

PPC Planning Process

Planning process has made easier from Google by providing a Keyword Planning tool that will help create appealing keywords, and provide you an estimate of daily spend and traffic. That hits two of the four above things in one fell lunge. As for Ad copy, it is always recommended to use two kinds of ad copy so that you can test which one performs well. Once testing is done, you can optimize from there. It is also a good practice to use keywords in the ad copy to make the copy more relevant for the searcher. For billing, you just have to enter your credit card information and move on.

After setting up, you can move towards the optimizing and maintenance part of Pay-per-click. Once you are familiar with optimization and maintenance, you can work on balancing the campaign to a bigger budget, till the margins stay gainful.

How Birds Host Can Help?

Birds Host’s PPC services not only manage Adwords campaign but also can help you in creating qualified traffic. We create effective PPC campaign that also give impressive ROI..