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Web Design

A business website is of huge importance for individuals or groups owning business and to make a website useful to the end-user. It is significant that website is designed professionally. Only a professionally web design persuades its potential customers to buy from it and gives them an enhanced experience on visiting. This is the reason every business website must contain an impressive and interactive design. An impressive web design largely contributes in increasing sales and leads.

Birds Host undertakes professionalism and expertise when it comes to web designing and put all efforts to form brand image. Birds Host has a team of experienced and dedicated web experts and designers to develop a revenue generating solution for you. Some of the design services offered by Birds Host are as follows;


Hyper Text Markup Language is one of the widely accepted and used programming languages for designing websites. Through HTML, the look and feel of the website is formed by formatting design elements such as images, headings, links, text and page layout.


WordPress is a widely used Content Management System for designing and developing a professional website. It is extremely cost-effective tool to maintain a business website because it is license-free and an open-source solution. However, knowing nothing about web designing can cost you an investment if you try to do it on your own. Therefore, you require expert and cost-effective assistance of Birds Host.


It is high time companies need to realize the importance of Responsive Design. The web users are now on mobile and it has become necessary for every company to be available for its potential clients on their handheld devices. Our design experts know the latest trends of technology and are capable to make your website accessible on different browsers and devices.

Web Development

The time has gone when companies used to conduct door-to-door marketing strategies for their products and services. Today, websites are playing an important role in successful business promotion and selling. If you are a business owner, it is your duty to realize the latest marketing trend and adopt it accordingly for better connectivity with potential customers.

When it comes to web development, Birds Host has a prominent name and appears as a strong candidate for the competitors. We have trained, certified and professional web developers who know their job and put all efforts to design solution as needed. Following are some of the platforms commonly use for web development;


PHP is an open source language and easily accessible that’s why many companies prefer using PHP for web development. Birds Host also recommends using PHP for website building as it practically runs on any platform and flawlessly integrates with other technologies such as Java.


HTML is not only a web designing language but it is a complete language for web design and development. In the presence of many CMSs, HTML is still the preference of many small and medium-sized companies for website development because it is very easy to use and does not require technical hand.


eCommerce is a platform which use for setting up an online store. Today, more than 60% of the web users use internet to buy something they need. If a business has an e-commerce website, it can provide an instant medium for customers to buy from business store. Our experts can help you design an attractive and professional online store for you.


When it comes to database driven websites, there are many options to consider such as Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, eCommerce and Blogs etc. You have better control over your content in database driven websites because it can update and alter anytime.



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