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How can I get a domain reseller account?
We offer free domain reseller accounts which you can use to sell domains and earn an additional revenue. To get a domain reseller account you need to contact our billing department and they will generate an invoice to load your reseller account...
Where do I upload my web site?
To upload your web site you need an FTP client like FileZilla or you can also use the File manager in cPanel. Your files must be uploaded in the public_html directory of your account.
How do I add funds to my domain reseller account?
To add funds to your domain reseller account simply login to the client area and click on Add funds to domain reseller in the menu on the left. Then you will be able to add as much as you want to your domain reseller account. The minimum amount...
Why do I get a 500 error message?
We use suphp on our servers and PHP scripts are executed with your username for extra security. All files must be chmod to 644 and directories to 711 or 755. No directories must be chmod to 777. If you have any directories chmod to 777 you will...
How do I upgrade my account?
You can perform upgrades via the client area. If the plan you want to upgrade to is not listed there just contact us. If a move to a different server is required, we will do that for you free of charge and without downtime.